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I was walking home last night from the pub and actually for once stumbled across something interesting. I found a note on the ground in front of an apartment building. The note wasn’t anything to special, it talked about a woman feeling down and calling Mansfield escort agency. It also stated that she broke up with her husband not to long ago. It kind of sounded like she was writing to a friend she hadn’t seen in awhile, because you would think any close friends or family members would already know what was going on. Stuff like this saddens me though. Everyone deserves to be happy and hearing that people are having a rough go about makes me want to help them. I have been down before and had no one there, so it gives me more ambition to reach out to someone who is in need of a set of ears to listen.

I schedule appointments for my job about three days a week and every time I end up talking to this man in his late thirties, he always asks me if I wanna fuck. He is single and very serious, he has been trying to reel me in for years. I think that I will eventually crack but right now I still like to go out and have fun with my friends.
I am not ready to settle down in any way, shape or form.

He tells me that he will wait for me until I am ready and how financially stable that he is and that I do not have to work anymore. That is a really nice perk that keeps me pondering on if this relationship would really work or not! I just keep telling him to give me some time and that I will eventually come to him when I am ready.

I went from full time down to part time a couple of months ago and I have been struggling pretty bad, I am not used to it all! I’ve always been on my own and have had my own car and apartment. Most of the time my bills where paid on time and I was happy with my simple life. I didn’t grow up with much, so I am happy with what I have have.

There was a knock at my door last weekend with a very big surprise on the other side of that door. My fuck buddy went out and bought me a new washer and dryer that I have needed for a long time! He had dinner already ordered and was delivered to the home thirty minutes later and he gave me two thousand dollars to keep and not repay back! I can say that day was definitely exciting and grateful at the same time.